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Mosquito-related diseases are common in Asian countries, where the tropical weather is suitable for breeding on stagnant and standing waters. Some of these diseases don’t have a cure yet so the best possible solution is to prevent them from spreading in the community. In this case, subscribing to a proven vector control service in Malaysia is necessary.

SCS Pest Control has been a trusted partner of community in preventing the spread of diseases caused by unwanted pests and species. Our mission is to deliver outstanding pest control and management solutions and help preserve the welfare and health of communities. If you are looking for experts in dengue prevention and control in Malaysia, we are the ones to call.

Safe & Effective Vector Control Solutions in Malaysia

When reducing or limiting the scope of mosquito infestation in the area, it is necessary that every possible solution will be applied. SCS Pest Control’s integrated vector management covers all the bases when it comes to controlling and eradicating the presence of mosquitoes in the area. We utilize all preventive measures including habitat and environmental control, reducing contact, chemical control, biological control, and more.

Our vector control strategies are specific to the scale of the infestation and the area. We develop a tailored solution that is unique to the case and provide specific and realistic timetables based on our assessment and observation.

And our extensive vector-borne disease control program uses safe and industry-approved larviciding chemical and treatment agents. These chemicals are prepared and applied by our professional pest controllers with caution.

Comprehensive and Integrated Vector Management in Malaysia

We, at SCS Pest Control, don’t live anything to chance. We ensure that in every pest control project we handle with professionalism. Our approach starts with conducting an extensive inspection of the area and provide detailed information so a more accurate strategy will be developed for the vector control and mosquito pest control implementation.

Free your community from mosquito-borne diseases!

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